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Holistic Horse Issue 111

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How Can We Be More Mindful?

Mindful horsemanship is what we strive to bring to you each issue, on our website, our eNewsletters, and our social media pages. Our cover this issue displays a great connection between a horse and his owner. Alina and her Andalusian, Santiago, enjoy dressage, jumping, and some western work. Alina says she uses holistic methods such as essential oils, the natural trim, bodywork, and others to support health and connection. Good for Alina and her lovely steed!

Each issue we try to take a well-rounded look at our selection of content, doing our best to deliver fair and accurate information to you. This issue we take a look at hoof-care protection for the carriage horse with Brian Farcus, one of our regular contributing authors (“Let’s Hit the Road). For the story, I personally went out to shoot some photographs and video of the carriage horses with a woman who owns, drives, trims, and shoes her own horses. Kori explained to me why she feels the horses need the hoof-care protection, but not in the form of metal shoes. You can see that video on our You Tube Channel.

We are proud to feature an article by Dr. Frank Reilly, detailing a link between Insulin Resistance and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and how treatments can put your horse at risk (“Double Trouble,”). And Hilary Self is back with an extensive article (“Herbs to Support the ‘Lyme Horse,’”) . We have an interesting feature about compression bandages and how they compare to static wraps (“Compression Wraps Vs. Static Wraps,”), and LA Pomeroy, our favorite Equinista, takes us inside a modern approach to tribal healing (“Sacred Connections,”). Next, see how to help a stressed horse with essential oils—and destress yourself in the process “Horse Stress Got You Stressed?”) by Nan Martin. And you may be surprised at just how effective incorporating music in your training routine can be, as Mary Ann Simonds delves into horses’ hearing (“Do You Hear What I Hear?”).

We hope you take our information and share it with friends and acquaintances so that our community can grow and thrive, and we can maintain the integrity of the animals we cherish so much.

Please share with me your positive experience with making a difference in horse’s life. Send photos of your own mindfulness practice at your barn, and we will share them with our readers.Our hope is to continue to bring the Mindfulness Movement into our relationships with horses and our families, friends, and strangers. Reach across the aisle and ask, why you are using that bridle, spur, and shoe? Take the time to understand other disciplines; each of us has something to learn.
Be kind to your horse and yourself!

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Encouraging an environmentally conscious and natural approach to integrative care for horse and rider. Helping horse handlers since 1995.


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