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With another name change and refreshed brand, US Equestrian, which used to be called the United States Equestrian Federation, which used to be called the American Horse Show Association, has launched a new image and website this year. In an effort to expand awareness, educate, and stop horse abuse related to training horses for horse sports, as well as engage a larger audience of equestrians, US Equestrian has developed both an education platform and various portholes for reporting abuse.

Those who see situations or observe inhumane treatment of horses by USEF-registered members, now have ways to report it anonymously. Following is a letter from Dana Rossmeier of US Equestrian:

“One does not have to be a US Equestrian member, nor reveal if they are or are not a member, to report equine abuse or fill out the “Eyewitness Abuse Report” form. The form is currently downloadable from several locations on the USEF website, and while it does ask for the eyewitness name and USEF number, this is not required for submission. Equine report incidents may also be called in or submitted via email to the US Equestrian office.”

The “Eyewitness Abuse Report” form is located online via various paths, along with guidelines to reporting abuse witnessed at a licensed competition and abuse witnessed on private property, under the “Start Riding” navigation and the “Stable & Farm Safety” tab.

However, it should be understood that US Equestrian has jurisdiction in the case of equine abuse related to USEF-licensed competitions only. In the case where equine abuse is witnessed on private property and then reported to USEF, the USEF’s bylaws and rules enable the Hearing Committee to grant reciprocity for equine cruelty, abuse, or neglect when disciplinary action has been taken against that person(s) by an administrative agency; arbitration or other tribunal body; humane society; or court of law. USEF encourages individuals to still report this witnessed abuse.

The form can also be found under the “Compete” navigation and “Rules & Regulations” tab, and then “SafeSport Policy.” You have to scroll, but the “Report Horse Abuse” form is the first link under “Forms and Publications.”

A “Reporting Equine Abuse” link is in the process of being added to the homepage of USequestrian. org (, where it will be found directly under the “Compete” navigation, located to the right under the “Resources & Forms” column. Our hope is that this makes the form more obvious and accessible to members and non-members alike.

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