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Holistic Horse Issue 112

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Under Our Stewardship

When humans domesticated horses around 3000 years ago* it was for their labor. They could haul and carry, did so willingly (or so we might anthropomorphize), and their strength and speed helped feed and build civilizations. Our relationship has, of course, changed greatly. While we don’t use horses for work in the same numbers or the same way today, the majority of us couldn’t imagine our lives without them—74%, according to a recent reader survey. That number speaks volumes, and we hear you!

Whether horses are your career, job, or hobby, we know their welfare and trust occupies much of your time and energy. In this issue, we honor that notion, and bring you information we hope will help.

If communication is key, then Missy Wryn’s “Coming in Clear” (page 5) could help you toward the right path. Also, how might your horse be communicating with you that he’s bored? Learn to read the signs and what to do in Mary Ann Simonds’ “Boredom in the Barn.” (page 14). And, if your horse is acting out, Sabine Schleese will offer some possible causes, which may not be apparent, in “Bad Horse!” on page 22.

More on the care and keeping of your horse in the form of a hoof care exercise that identifies contracted heels (page 20), the healing power of mushrooms (page 8,) and the dangers of mycotoxins, on page 3.

And finally, you can read some fascinating research supporting Ting-point acupuncture therapy and wellness (page 10), and avoiding glyphosates exposure (page 19).

Today, horses are exclusively under our stewardship, and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe and well cared for. It’s our goal at Holistic Horse to help in that endeavor.

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Statement of Purpose

Encouraging an environmentally conscious and natural approach to integrative care for horse and rider. Helping horse handlers since 1995.


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