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Holistic Horse Issue 112

Interpersonal communication is complicated enough, but when you consider interspecies communication, human to horse, we often discover our good intentions are not enough to be safe around a 1,000+- pound animal. I hear all the time “I love my horse but she just walks away,” or “My horse won’t let me touch him on the face,” or “I can’t catch my horse.” So how do we communicate with our horses in an effective way? How do we maintain our compassion and patience when our horses seem that they could care less that we love them, or react in dangerous ways when we only want the best for them?

There are myriad training techniques that can provide answers to these basic issues, but there is also a form of communication that you can add to your toolbox of techniques that will deepen and strengthen your rapport with your horse. Did you know that your brain is like a radio receiver AND transmitter? Research has found that your brain has an energy field range of about 10 feet from your body, receiving and sending a vibratory energy frequency (VEF).

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