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Holistic Horse Issue 113

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As we head into deep, dark February, most of us have to admit that sometimes we need a little help—whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above! And why should our horses be any different?

It’s no secret that the self-care industry is booming, and there’s a good reason. We’re all looking for remedies for stress, sleeplessness, overwork, and anxiety. Many of those remedies are right at our fingertips, and many of them are natural. In this issue we’re highlighting therapies for pain management, and have called upon our experts and advocates to bring you natural remedies to relieve those aches and pains and banish the blues.

Starting at the top, if your head aches, it’s hard to stay on your game. Lisa Machala walks us through Craniosacral therapy techniques in “Chronic Headaches” . Moving on down to the neck, shoulder and other muscle groups, Felisa Holmberg reveals a popular traditional massage therapy that human athletes have been espousing for decades, Rolfing. And, as you might guess, it works on horses, too. Felisa shares her expertise in “Hands On!”. As far as what’s going on inside the body, what’s holding that muscle tissue together? Fascia. Inflammation has received lots of attention in the medical world lately, particularly how to prevent and alleviate it. Beverly Gordon and Jeff Moore offer insight and options on what to do in “The Facts on Fascia”.

This month’s departments contributors offer a wealth of information as well, with our Herb Blurb exploring gemmotherapy, or tree bud, medicine; copaiba essential oils, which treat inflammation and digestive issues, among other conditions, and CBD oil, thought to reduce anxiety and inflammation. Nutrition advice comes for thrush and white line disease, and through a closer look at corn.

Thanks to all our contributors this issue, who remind us that when we feel better, mentally and physically, we perform better. So take care of yourselves, and your horses, and hold on! Spring is almost here.

Be well,
Wendy Williams
Editor, Holistic Horse Media

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